Welcome to DIY TUBE Video Community Pages

Welcome to the new DIY TUBE Community pages.


Here you will find instructional videos and articles on how to use our site.

There will also be updates and information on planned changes.


DIY TUBE (Do It Yourself) Videos is a work in progress. It is fully functional right now and small channel owners are invited to come over and upload their videos. Behind the scenes there is a lot of work going on yet though.


Anyone can share their videos here on DIY TUBE video sharing site. The possibilities are endless. If you are interested in having a new category added, please leave a comment below. We cannot guaranty that all ideas will be added but we will do our best to accommodate everyone as well as possible.


We are planning to get ever more powerful computer servers to run the site. And the size of the video database will soon be out of hand so plans are in place to increase the storage space. These are just a couple examples of the work going on in the background.


Bookmark this site and stay tuned for the instructional videos, changes and coming events.


Check out our video site: http://www.diytube.video

and start sharing

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