How To Upload A Video To DIY Tube

In order to upload a video to DIY Tube Video Community, first you must create an account and set up your channel. See the instructions How To Set Up An Account

Once you are logged into DIY Tube Video Community you should see a small video camera icon on the top right corner like the one shown below.

Click on the icon and then click “Encode video and audio”. This will bring you to a new website and will automatically log you in. Make sure your browser allows a website to open in a new window or this may be blocked.


On the new website, which is our encoder site, you have three options. On the top right hand side of the page you can see the words “Upload”, “Download” or “Bulk Encode”.


Direct Upload

To directly upload a video from your computer, choose the “Upload” option, which is set by default. Click on “Browse” and then select the file from your computer. Now the website server will process your video. Please keep this window open while your video uploads. Do not leave this window or close it or your upload will end. On the bottom right hand side you can see the status of your upload (blue circle) next to the word “Uploading”.


Once your video is uploaded, it will begin to be processed by the server. Now, on the top center of the page you will see a green status bar. This will occur three times as it processes your video into all the necessary formats. Once your video is gone from the queue, then you can close the window.


You may see other videos in the processing queue on the left hand side at times. This is so that you can see how many videos are being processed in front of yours to give you an idea how long you have to wait for your video to be completed. During times of heavy traffic you may choose to come back later.


Download From Another Site

The next option is to copy a video from another website such as YouTube. This is convenient when you are moving your channel over to DIY Tube from another video sharing site. Click “Download” and then copy and paste the video link into the space next to the word “Download” and then click “Download”.


You will see your video show up in the queue as the server processes and converts it. Depending on how much traffic is on the server, this can be quite fast.


You can download a mess of videos at one time by simply copying and pasting the links and hitting “Download” one after another. Please be considerate of others though and bulk download during off peak periods.


Bulk Encode

You can also choose “Bulk Encode” and upload a bunch of videos from your computer at one time. Remember to leave the browser window open until the videos are fully uploaded.


Next Steps

Once your video has finished processing, it will be uploaded to the cloud storage. This takes a few more minutes. You can always check the status of your video by looking at the encoder Queue log, which is a link at the top center of the encoder page. Here you can see if the video is uploading or transferring (to the cloud). Once the transfer is complete, you can edit your video and make it live.


Edit Video

The final step is to go to your “My Videos” link and edit your video description, title and category. Here you can set some other details as well as upload a thumbnail if you like.


And finally, make your video live by clicking on “activate”.





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