DIYT Coins Blockchain Integration Semi-Automated

Now members of the DIY Tube Video Community can buy and sell DIYT Coins on the Ethereum blockchain. This is an exciting milestone for the DIY Tube Community.

Our blockchain integration is now semi-automated. We have been working hard behind the scenes to finalize these last steps and now the day has come. Members can buy DIY Tube Coins on the Ethereum blockchain and bring them into DIY Tube Video site. And members can sell their coins or trade them on exchanges.

We have many new features added to the internal virtual wallet. When you log into your account, you will see your wallet on the top right side of the website. If you click on your wallet, you will see many new links which are now available to you.

First, you can see “My Wallet” which shows how many DIYT Coins you have earned so far. Every day, as you participate on the site, you will gain more DIYT Coins.

Next you can click “Add/Deposit DIYT” where you can import DIY Tube Coins into your virtual wallet. This allows you to purchase coins on the Ethereum blockchain or from coin exchanges and then import them for use inside the DIY Tube Video Community. Here we use virtual coins and a virtual wallet. When you import coins into DIY Tube Video Community, your original coins stay outside in a wallet on the Ethereum network waiting for you.

Inside DIY Tube Video Community you can use your coins to purchase perks and upgrades such as promoting your channel or video to get onto the homepage. This increases your views and also your DIYT Coin earnings. Advertisers can self promote their products by setting up an account and simply promoting their videos onto the homepage.

The next link on the menu is “Withdraw DIYT Coins”. This allows you to bring your coins back outside the DIY Tube Video Community pages again for sale or trade on coin exchanges.

The next link is “Transfer Funds” where you can send DIYT Coins to another person as a tip for a good video or for a shout out on their channel. The opportunities are endless here. The ability to transfer coins from one person to another opens up an entire commerce system inside the community pages. You can send your neighbor some coins for a loaf of bread, for example.

The next link is “History” where you can see all the payments, trades and exchanges you have made in DIYT Coins inside the DIY Tube Video Community.

And finally the last link is “Wallet Address” where you can enter your Ethereum wallet address for use on the blockchain and trading DIYT Coins. You must enter your Ethereum wallet address in order to trade DIYT Coins in or out of the network. This is your public Ether wallet address. Your public address is not needed for earning DIYT Coins inside the DIY Tube Video Community but it will be needed to trade your coins out onto the blockchain.

We hope you are as excited as we are to have these upgrades to our site.

So tell everyone you know and start getting paid for doing what you enjoy!

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