Welcome To DIY Tube Video Community

DIY Tube Video Community is a video sharing platform where everyone gets paid for doing what they enjoy.

On DIY Tube members get paid in DIY Tube Coins, a form of cryptocurrency, for video views, comments, thumbs up and more. Everyone gets paid on DIY Tube. Payments are made every 24 hours so you can watch your earnings grow in near real time. Make a comment today and get paid tomorrow.

If you are a channel owner you can upload your videos and start sharing today. You get paid for video views and thumbs up on your video.

If you are a viewer, you get paid for every single comment that you write. You also get paid for thumbs up on your comments so get writing today.

Many people have been censored by other platforms. Here at DIY Tube Video Community we welcome just about everyone. As long as you are the owner of the video and it complies with our terms and conditions, we welcome you to our community.

The only type of content we do not approve of are pornographic, violent or vulgar videos. If you do not fit into these categories, come aboard and share your videos.

You can keep your DIY Tube Coins and start collecting cryptocurrency with no investment at all. You can start sharing videos and commenting while at the same time getting free cryptocurrency. DIY Tube is a good way to jump into the cryptocurrency world.

You can also use your DIY Tube Coins to promote your own videos or channel. You can send some DIY Tube Coins to a friend or channel owner as a thank you for a good video.  You can also use DIY Tube Coins to pay someone for a shout out to boost your channel.

Advertisers can set up their own channel, upload commercials and promote their own videos right onto the homepage.

DIY Tube Coins are based on an ERC20 contract on the Ethereum network. This means that DIYT Coins are 100% compatible with existing Ethereum wallets and can be traded for Ethereum with ease.

The first 1,000 members to upload 10 videos get 1,000 free DIYT Coins. The first 1,000 members to write 10 comments get another 1,000 free DIYT Coins. There are still many rewards available so its not too late to collect your free coins.

DIY Tube Coins started out at $0.10 USD per coin and will fluctuate with the market.

So sign up today and start earning: http://www.diytube.video

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