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DIY Tube Video Community

DIY Tube Video Community rewards members for all activities on the site. Members earn rewards in DIY Tube Coins for video views, thumbs up and comments. Rewards are paid out every 24 hours. This means that if you make a comment today, you will get paid tomorrow.


DIY Tube Coins (DIYT) are a form of cryptocurrency given out to members for activity on our site. These DIYT can be used to promote your own channel or video onto the homepage. We are also considering the ability to trade in DIYT for merchandise, so stay tuned for updates.


DIY Tube Coins are a token running on the Ethereum blockchain which means that they are fully compatible with all existing Ethereum wallets. This also means that DIY Tube Coins can easily be traded or sold for other coins on the market.


More functions are coming to DIY Tube Video Community soon including a newsletter and a blog for members to promote their own video channels. These activities will also be included in the reward plan.


DIY Tube Video Community believes in rewarding everyone for contributing to the community. When logged in you can see your DIY Tube Coins balance on top of the homepage at all times. This makes it fun to interact on DIY Tube Video Community.


DIYT Coins will also be available for purchase in the future, making them even more valuable. A member can earn cryptocurrency (DIYT) through comments and video views or simply purchase DIYT Coins to use for promoting their video or channel. DIYT Coins can be traded or given to another member for a video well done or in exchange for a shout out video.


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