DIY Tube Video Community Is Improving Our Security And Firewall

Currently the DIY Tube Video Community team is hard at work improving security on our site by adding a firewall, live malware scan and removal and more website protection. This will provide a better experience for you, the viewer and channel owner as well as protecting our site over the long run.


Recently we discovered that someone was running a DDOS attack (Distributed Denial Of Service) on our site which has affected page load times and performance of our site over the past month. What this means is that someone had written a program which opens up a video to view, then changes their IP address and opens up another video view. This happens in fast succession until our site is too slow to be functional.


The problem is that this attack was periodic and random, appearing to hit at peak website usage times. This led us to believe it was somewhere along the internet lines and took us a bit longer to find. But we found it and now we are implementing stronger security measures and protection into DIY Tube Video Community.


We are currently setting up a better firewall service which will catch and prevent such attacks in the future. The DDOS attack was not harmful to viewer’s computers, rather it just slowed our site down. That is the main goal of such an attack.


We are also setting up even stronger live malware scanning software and live removal. This is a preventative measure only in order to prevent future attacks from harming our software. We have had live protection all along but now we are stronger and safer than ever.


DIY Tube is also implementing a CDN (Content Delivery Network) which will further speed up load times for you – the viewer. A CDN is a network of mirrors of our website placed around the World so that no matter where you are located, you will be served the website in the fastest time possible.


All together these new measures will ensure a better and safer experience for our members as well as quality delivery of videos to viewers.


DIY Tube Security Scan
This is a screen shot of the most recent security scan of DIY Tube


Above you can see that DIY Tube is currently being scanned on a daily basis and live cleanup of any attacks will take place on the fly.


During this process there will be some glitches and temporary issues with the DIY Tube Video Community website and functions. Please be patient as we implement these important changes and upgrades. Within a few days DIY Tube should be running smoothly again, but better than ever.


Thank you,


DIY Tube team

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  1. Troy, Was our payout effected by this while you work. All my payout is gone. hope this temp problem and someone didn’t steal my funds. Thanks

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