New Updates And Improvements To DIY TUBE Videos

DIY Tube Video Updates

Hi everyone,


We would just like to share some announcements about recent changes going on behind the scenes of Do It Yourself TUBE videos.


A lot has been happening in the background and there are some exciting changes and updates. We have an investor as well which is going to help get this site rolling even better and faster. This means that server upgrades and programming updates can now be made without waiting on funding.


Comment Moderation


The ability to moderate and answer comments has been added. Now a channel owner has the ability to see all of their comments on a single page, starting with the newest first. You can answer your comments directly on this page or click on the video link next to the comment and go to the video page itself.  You can edit or delete comments as well.


This will allow the channel owners to have full control over what is written on their own video pages. And this allows the channel owners to help moderate the site as well.


List Of Channels


We have added a list of channels for your to browse through and find something that you like. On the menu at the top left corner (three horizontal lines) you can go to the “Browse Channels” page. Here you can see all the channels which are uploading videos on DIY TUBE Videos. Find something you like and subscribe to them so you can always follow up on new videos from your favorite content creators.


Channel About Page


Now a channel owner can fill in the About section in their “My Account” page. This will show up under your channel when someone is browsing for new channels to watch. Let everyone know what your channel is about. Share your social medial links here as well.


Other Changes


In the background we are fixing some small bugs. The video counter now works perfectly. A video count is only updated when a video has actually been viewed. Before the fix, the newest video uploaded to the site would always show another view even if a new visitor came to the homepage and did not click on any videos. This has been fixed and now video views are showing properly.


There is now a “Suggested Videos” list which is more for the admin but is exciting to everyone because now we can sell video slots which will show up on the homepage. Every time a new viewer opens up the homepage, one of the suggested videos will show up at random. We can sell these video slots to anyone who is interested. Content creators can get pay to have their video promoted and really get their message out there.


This is interesting to all content creators because we are going to start sharing our advertising income once the site is up and running properly. More on this later….

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