Why Choose DIY Tube Video Community Over Other Video Sharing Sites

We often get asked the question – Why choose DIY Tube over YouTube. Or why should I leave YouTube and join DIY Tube Video Community? Actually we dont ask anyone to leave other platforms. DIY Tube has some features that you can use even now along with other sites. You may even find certain features of DIY Tube to be much better than other sites. Please read on and find out why.


First of all, membership on DIY Tube is free and anonymous. We offer free, unlimited cloud storage of your videos. DIY Tube Video Community uses a secure cloud storage which is faster and better than most other cloud storage providers out there.

This means that you can upload all of your videos onto DIY Tube and they will be stored here safely for you in the cloud. Cloud storage comes with safety, security and reliability. Your data is safe in the cloud. Your home hard drive may fail on you but the cloud storage will always be there for you.


If you are already an active member of YouTube or another video site, we are not asking you to leave them. Rather we suggest that you take advantage of all the benefits of DIY Tube at the same time.


The founder, Troy still makes a good share of the family income from using YT on a daily basis. Yet DIY Tube is a safe place to keep videos long term. Often a channel on YouTube is deleted without warning or explanation. At least if your videos are on DIY Tube you will not lose any of your work.


Which brings us to the next main point. You should also build up your DIY Tube channel so that if anything ever happens to your work elsewhere, you already have a following on DIY Tube to turn to.


YouTube is becoming very well known for shutting down a channel or discriminating against someone’s opinions. YouTube often hides or reduces the chances of a channel being seen if they are conservative or not considered to be as “valuable” to them.


DIY Tube Video Community offers a fair chance for everyone to be seen. Members have seen faster growth already on DIY Tube in a few weeks than they ever did on YT in a year or more. This is because DIY Tube gives everyone their moment on the homepage. We don’t sweep channels under the rug or hide them from the search results based on their opinions.


DIY Tube offers freedom of speech and freedom from harassment. Unlike on other sites where trolls abound and people are harassed to death (sometimes literally), DIY Tube takes a strong stand against harassment. Offending channels will be warned a few times before being permanently banned from DIY Tube. Members have the ability to report offensive videos or channels on DIY Tube so everyone has a part in keeping the community clean. You are free to share what you like on your own channel as long as you do not harm or cause harm to someone else.


Instant Monetizaion! DIY Tube also rewards everyone for activities on the site. This means that you get paid for writing comments or receiving views on your videos, among other things. Everyone gets paid on DIY Tube Video Community. Payments are made every 24 hours on DIY Tube. Payments are made in DIY Tube Coins, which are virtual coins inside a wallet on DIY Tube. These can be used to promote your video or channel onto the top of DIY Tube homepage to gain more exposure and earn even more coins. They can be traded to a friend or used as payment for a shout out or video help. Subscribers can support their favorite channel by donating DIY Tube Coins just like on Patreon. The ability to purchase DIY Tube Coins for immediate use is coming soon. This will open up a whole new World of opportunities on DIY Tube.


Soon the virtual DIY Tube Coins can be traded out of DIY Tube for DIY Tube Coins on a live blockchain, making them very easy to trade on exchanges. DIY Tube is a good way to get started earning cryptocurrency without any investment from yourself. Join DIY Tube and write comments or upload videos. You start earning DIY Tube Coins the very next day. You will be able to trade your earnings out and buy other forms of cryptocurrency or hold onto them for their increasing value.


DIY Tube has plans for being your one stop site for social media and video sharing. We are planning to integrate a live chat, blogging platform, newsletter and even a store on DIY Tube. You will be able to share your videos and promote your channel without leaving the site. There is no need to log out and go to other sites in order to promote your videos and channel. Our store will add even more value to virtual DIY Tube Coins, allowing you to purchase merchandise and other items with your virtual DIY Tube Coins.


So join DIY Tube Video Community today! https://diytube.video


Note: This article is updated from time to time so check back often for updates.


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