DIY Tube Custom Blockchain Nearing Completion

DIY Tube Coins

The DIY Tube Video Community will soon have its own custom blockchain and cryptocurrency. What this means to you, members of DIY Tube, is that we will soon be the highest paying video sharing site in the World.


In about three weeks from the date of this writing, DIYT Coins will be announced to the public. DIY Tube plans to make working with cryptocurrency as simple as a few mouse clicks.


For members of the DIY Tube Video Community this means that soon you will be able to cash out your rewards and sell or trade them on coin exchanges. Our dream of content creators being able to pay their bills using DIYT Coins is becoming a reality. If you are not familiar with cryptocurrency or how to use it, dont worry, through a series of articles and videos we will teach you all that you need to know in order to pay your bills using DIYT Coins.


For members of the cryptocurrency community DIYT Coin will be open to POW mining and POS through Masternodes. Watch for our official announcement on bitcointalk forum and the reddit community.


As we near the completion date, we will revise our whitepaper and DIYT Coin website to show the details of the DIYT blockchain. This will also be announced here and on DIY Tube Video Community website.


Join DIY Tube Video Community and get paid for doing what you enjoy!

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