Masternode Sale Limited Qty Of DIYT Coins For Sale Oct 10 No ICO

On October 10 at 9 am EST we will be selling 4 million DIY Tube Coins to masternode holders or those who would like to get in at the start. There will only be 4 million coins to sell on a first come, first served basis. Once they are gone, there will be no more fund raiser of any kind for the DIY Tube Video Community team. The funds from the sale of DIYT Coins will be used for further development of DIY Tube and the blockchain as well as marketing and promotions. Coins will be sold at $0.10 US value each. Coins can be purchased with Eth or BTC. Sale will open on Thursday morning, Oct 10 at 9 am EST.


We had no ICO, no IEO, no presale and no other fundraiser in order to keep it fair for everyone. No coins can be purchased until we launch our official blockchain and DIYT Coin on October 10th.


At launch we will also release our github repository to the public so members can download their wallet and start cashing out their coins.


To ensure a stable blockchain there will be four masternodes set up after launch. The three top founding partners each get a masternode. This is their only bonus. There will be a fourth masternode for DIY Tube Video Community which will mine DIYT Coins for use as payment inside DIY Tube for video views and comments.


The rest of the 4 million coins will be sold until gone. There will be no minimum limit on the number of coins a person buys but a maximum limit of 40,000 DIYT Coins per person is set to prevent later price manipulation and to ensure a fair and even distribution of coins.


Masternode holders must maintain 40,000 DIYT Coins in their wallet in order to mine. These coins can be removed at any time freely but masternodes no longer function with less than 40,000 DIYT in your wallet.


The initial coin sale will run inside the DIY Tube Video Community website until we get listed on a coin exchange. Buyers must sign up on DIY Tube in order to get in on the initial sale but membership is anonymous. The only reason membership is required is for access to the internal wallet system and to access the payment processor. Payments will be made in Eth and BTC and will also be anonymous.


Learn more about DIY Tube Coin and the DIY Tube Video Community here:


Join DIY Tube now and get signed up for the coin sale on Thursday:

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  1. Hey Troy. ???CONGRATULATIONS ???. You have come such a L O N G WAYS AWESOME….. I have a question we spoke on the phone about this a few months back, and I miss placed your phone number… I am VERY INTERESTED in buying some coins but as we spoke I am not exactly computer savvy…..

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