DIY Tube Video Community Earnings Increased To Boost Traffic

For a brief period the DIY Tube Video Community will increase the payment levels for video views and comments on our site. This will continue until traffic on the DIY Tube Video homepage has increased enough to boost member’s channel earnings.


Payments are made every 24 hours in DIY Tube Coins, a form of cryptocurrency on our own blockchain. DIYT Coins are valued initially at $0.10 each but that can change based on the market.


For now we will be increasing the payment for writing comments to $0.01 worth of DIY Tube Coins per comment. We may keep it at this level for a while but time will tell. This is in order to draw more viewers to DIY Tube who are interested in interacting with the community.


We will set video views to be equal to about $5 (in DIYT Coins) per 1,000 video views, which is more than YT pays most channels these days.


These rates will remain in effect until traffic on the DIY Tube Video Community homepage comes up to a higher level. This will increase views and earnings for everyone.


So tell all your friends and join DIY Tube Video Community.


Get paid for doing what you enjoy!


Learn more about DIY Tube Coins and our blockchain:

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