DIY Tube Blockchain And Coin Live To The Public

A few days ago we released our own cryptocurrency, DIY Tube Coin, and our blockchain to the public. Very soon we will be listed on coin exchanges which will mean that members of DIY Tube will be able to cash out their earnings and pay their bills.


The dream of DIY Tube putting money back into the pockets of content  creators is finally becoming a reality.


Members of DIY Tube have been earning virtual DIY Tube Coins for over a year now for views on their videos and for writing comments. These were a sort of IOU during this time until our blockchain and cryptocurrency were completed. Now that day is coming.


We will retain the virtual wallets because they serve multiple purposes. But members will be able trade out their coins with a few simple mouse clicks and then sell them on the coin exchanges for fiat currency in their home country.


The simplicity of use will also help to bring cryptocurrency into more homes around the world. This will help to raise awareness of cryptocurrency overall and benefits the entire cryptocurrency community.


Video content creators will be earning more on DIY Tube than on other comparable video sharing sites. Plus through the ease of use and with some training videos and articles we are producing, members will find it simple to pay their bills with their earnings from DIY Tube.


Cryptocurrency allows DIY Tube to pay content creators around the World without the need for a gigantic accounting team and office complexes. Computer software makes regular payments to content creators automatically in DIY Tube Coins. Since cryptocurrency is borderless, transactions are near instantaneous and have minimal to no transaction fees, it allows us to run our company more efficiently. Rather than paying in fiat currencies around the World with the fees, forms, delays and accounting that comes with it, cryptocurrency makes things simple.


This allows DIY Tube Video Community to instantly monetize channels at the creation of an account rather than causing them to jump through hoops to become monetized. It also allows DIY Tube to set lower minimum payout limits, putting funds into the hands of the people faster.


Join DIY Tube and get paid for doing what you enjoy!

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