DIY Tube Coin Bounty Campaign 100,000 DIYT Coins

Help us grow and earn DIY Tube Coins for your work. We are giving out 100,000 DIY Tube Coins during our bounty campaign. We need your help in promoting DIY Tube Video Community to increase views and membership.




Payment will be made in DIYT Coins one time each week and based on your performance during the week.

To participate in the bounty you must first be a member of DIY Tube Video Community


Then email us with your username on DIY Tube. Use a real email address when signing up so that we can communicate about the project as needed. You do not have to sign up with your real name on DIY Tube.

All activities must be written down in a word file and sent to us once a week, on Friday afternoon. The first report will be due next Friday, by 8 PM EST. If you do not get your report turned in on time, you do not get paid. If your report is not in Word format, doc or docx, you will not get paid. Payments will be made in DIYT Coins during the day Tuesday as we confirm your work is done. Please understand that it may take some time to confirm all jobs performed. Members must be running the DIY Tube Core wallet and submit their receive address in their introductory email in order to receive their coins.

You can get the core wallet here:


Of course, all work must be done to promote our company or websites and not against us. DIY Tube being a video sharing site, there are YouTube trolls out bashing us and, of course, will attempt to write negative stories and ask for payment. It does not make sense but that’s how they are.

Also for this reason do NOT share your work or links here on this thread. Please send your work only to


The DIY Tube Video Community is giving out a maximum of 100,000 DIYT during this bounty. When the coins run out, the bounty ends. Details on the number of remaining coins will be posted here each week in the comments below.

DIYT Payments are divided among the following:

YT videos 10,000 DIYT

YT comments 10,000 DIYT

Articles 20,000 DIYT

Facebook 10,000 DIYT

Twitter 10,000 DIYT

Other 40,000 DIYT


For information about our company, please read our coin site: and our community pages:

Use the above information when writing your articles and posts. Use your own words and do not copy/past from our sites. Copy/paste and plagiarism will not be paid.


Increase DIY Tube Views + Content

YouTube video promotions

In order to participate, your channel must be monetized on YouTube. If your channel is not monetized, you cannot participate and you will not be paid.

First, email us with your YouTube channel link and be sure the number of subs is visible for us to confirm. If accepted, we will email you and let you know. You MUST be approved before you make a video in order to receive the bounty.

Make a video promoting DIY Tube Video Community and upload it publicly on your channel. The video must be at least 1 minute long but can be longer.

In order to qualify for payment you must have the video completed by Friday at the latest and it must run for a minimum of 7 days before your payment will be released. Send us an email containing the link to your video to enter the bounty and start the clock.

Pay is 100 DIYT per person.

There are 10,000 DIYT available for this job, enough for 100 videos on YT.

Writing YouTube comments

Find YouTube videos where people are talking about how they were demonetized, they were discriminated against by YT, their video views are falling, their videos were banned from monetization or the like. Look for videos talking about the need for an alternative to YT.

Anything where you find someone talking about the need for a new video sharing site, leave a comment.

Comments written on unrelated videos or videos having nothing to do with the topics mentioned above will not be counted in order to prevent copy/paste spam and cheating for coins. If you have a suggestion for topics that fit but are not listed above, please email us first for approval. Can can not cover all topics here in this article. W will edit the above list as needed.

Copy the link to the video you commented on and paste it into a word file. Be sure the comment has been approved and not sent to spam automatically. Comments that are visible and public will be paid. Comments that went to spam or cannot be found will not be paid for.

Warning – do this at your own risk. Do not copy/paste spam YouTube channels or you run the risk of losing your channel. Use your common sense and write comments in your own words. Use different words each time. Make it look natural. Do not use links in the comments, they will go to spam. DIY Tube will not be held responsible for the loss of a YT channel due to copy/paste or spam.

You can write something like
“I joined DIY Tube Video Community and they monetize everyone immediately”
“You should check out DIY Tube Video Community, because they support freedom of speech”

These are just a few ideas. Use your own words. Email us for ideas if you need suggestions. Always use the words “DIY Tube Video Community” in your comment. Use those words in every comment in order for it to count. Do not paste the html link to our website or it will go to spam.

Pay is 0.2 DIYT per comment, about $0.02 each.

There are 10,000 DIYT available for this job, enough for 50,000 comments. Limit of 100 DIYT per person, per week.


Articles and Blogs

Write an article in your own words about DIY Tube Video Community and post it on popular blog, article or forum sites. The websites must be well established with millions of viewers and not new. Articles submitted to small or new websites will not be paid. Sites with no ability for someone to leave a comment under your article are best. If comments are open to the public under your article, please police up later and be sure no YouTube trolls bash us. Thanks.

Articles must be at least 500 words to qualify for payment.

Copy/paste or articles not written in your own words will not be paid. All articles will be checked for originality.

You may apply to submit more than one article per person, per week.

Pay is 100 DIYT per article, about $10 each.

There are 20,000 DIYT available for this job, enough for 200 articles


Facebook articles

Applicants must have at least 200 real, live friends as well as an active account in order to quality.

First, follow our official Facebook page here:

Then email us with a link to your FB page for approval. If you are not approved, you cannot receive the bounty.

Write a post promoting DIY Tube Video Community containing at least 200 words. Posts should be unique and in your own words. Copy/paste or plagiarism will not be paid.

Applicants can send out up to 10 posts per week, per person.

Pay is 10 DIYT per post, about $1 each.

There are 10,000 DIYT available for this job, enough for 1,000 posts.

Twitter posts

Applicants must have at least 200 real, live followers as well as an active account in order to quality.

First follow our official twitter page:

Then email us a link to your twitter profile. You must be approved before you can enter the bounty. You cannot be paid if you are not approved.

Send out at least 10 different and unique tweets about our company or websites each week in order to qualify.

Tweets must include in order to qualify. Use hashtags fitting your tweet and relative to the video sharing community.

Pay is 1 DIYT per tweet for a total of 10 DIYT per person, per week.

There are 10,000 DIYT available for this job, enough for 10,000 tweets.




We are open to suggestions and ideas from you. If you have an idea how to help promote DIY Tube Video Community, please email us with your suggestion. Once approved you can start working and earning the bounty.



Once you receive payment each week, please be kind and leave a comment below to let the community know we are fair and legit.

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