We Now Have Shared Masternode Mining Set Up

Now you can earn Masternode rewards with smaller investments. We have shared Masternode mining set up and running. You can join a Masternode pool with as little as 1% which is about 400 DIYT Coins.


Currently each Masternode is earning about 2,000 DIYT Coins every 24 hours. This will be reduced with time as more people buy Masternodes but for now the rewards are very high. Even as the rewards are shared by more Masternodes though, the value of DIYT Coin should eventually increase due to having fewer coins available.


A full Masternode requires 40,000 DIYT Coins. Now, with the ability to share a Masternode, everyone can get involved with smaller investments.


Joining our shared Masternode mining pool is very simple. Send an even amount of DIYT Coins, in whole percentage points to this DIYT wallet address: bR7yDb3TmM7S4SVQQmKJcTKYYX9z3wMTDN


For example if you want to join in for 1% of a Masternode, you will send 400 DIYT Coins to the above address. If you want to join for 2%, then send 800 DIYT. 10% would be 4,000 DIYT and so on. Please only send even amounts of DIYT and only equal to whole percentages.


With DIY Tube there is no waiting time for a Masternode to fill up and you can withdraw your coins at any time. Payments are made once every 24 hours to your wallet. When you send DIYT Coins to join a Masternode, you will be added in that evening after payouts are made to existing MN shareholders. If you withdraw DIYT Coins, you will receive your last payment that evening and then receive your initial DIYT Coins back.


You can monitor your Masternode in real time on the blockchain explorer.


Other Masternode pools require that you send in your coins to stake in a Masternode but then you have to wait for the pool to fill up an entire Masternode. This could take days, weeks or even months before a pool is filled up. The opposite is true if you want to withdraw your investment. You must wait for someone to join in and stake the same amount of coins before you can get your investment back.


With DIY Tube, we are running the Masternodes ourselves so there is no waiting for deposits and withdrawals. Both deposits and withdrawals are done one time every 24 hours, after payouts have been made to existing MN holders.


Please send questions to us on telegram, discord or email.


Telegram: https://t.me/DIY_Tube_Video


Discord: https://discord.gg/pP7qsw6


Email admin@diytube.video

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