What Is A Masternode & How To Earn Passive Income

You can earn a passive income by running a Masternode and with our system it only takes a very small investment to get started. The investment is so small that anyone can get involved and start earning today.


And we make it so simple that anyone can get started earning a passive income with just a few mouse clicks. So if anything on this page does not make sense to you, dont worry, just go to the link at the bottom of the article and get started today.


First, lets cover some basics about a blockchain and Masternodes. This is very simplified but should give you an idea.


A blockchain is a series of transactions on a ledger. These are all strung together cryptographically to make it very hard to hack. When a transaction is sent to the blockchain, computers verify the transaction and accept or reject it based on its authenticity.


Its like going to the bank and handing over some money to the teller. The bank teller confirms that the transaction is legitimate and then enters it into the bank computer where it is stored.


Each Masternode is a copy of the entire blockchain and helps to verify all the transactions on the blockchain. The Masternodes communicate with one another to verify every transaction. The more Masternodes there are on a blockchain, the more secure it is and the harder it is to hack. Masternode owners are rewarded with some cryptocurrency for their support of the blockchain.


In order for you to run a Masternode, you must “stake” a certain number of coins in a digital wallet on your computer. This does two things. It strengthens the blockchain and it removes some coins from circulation, increasing the value of the coins. Scarcity of coins increases their value somewhat.


Its like putting your money into a bank account but with a very high interest rate.


The DIY Tube Video Community has our own blockchain and DIY Tube Coin, a form of cryptocurrency. DIY Tube Coins are paid to members of DIY Tube for views on their videos and for writing comments. There are many more uses for DIY Tube Coin as well which gives them value.


Our blockchain also has Masternodes. This means that anyone can start earning a passive income while supporting the blockchain.


If none of this makes sense to you but you are interested in earning a passive income – you have come to the right page. We make it so simple for you to get started that it only takes a few mouse clicks to start earning today.


There are a few ways you can start earning your passive income on the website listed below.


You can directly purchase some DIY Tube Coins with paypal, credit or debit card and we stake them for you. We literally take care of everything for you. You can get started with as little as 400 DIY Tube Coins.


You can stake coins that you already own or have earned inside DIY Tube Video Community. Here again, you can get started with as little as 400 DIYT Coins and we take care of everything. A few mouse clicks gets you started.


Or you can rent shares in a Masternode. As of the time of this writing, you can rent 1% of a Masternode for as little as $2. You simply choose the contract and we do everything else for you. And the first 100 members to join up get $2 free credit!


Or you can choose to run an entire Masternode and stake 40,000 DIYT Tube coins for 100% of the rewards. Here you can either stake coins you already own or buy them directly on the website. Either way, we take care of everything for you. We run the servers, software and everything while you collect the rewards.


Get started HERE


If you have any questions please feel free to email us admin@diytube.video


Why are we doing this? It sounds too good to be true?


We are making this available to you in order to strengthen the blockchain by getting more Masternodes up and running. And we are doing this to give something to the community. DIY Tube Coins are for everyone.

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