Investment Opportunities In DIY Tube & DIY Tube Coins

There are multiple ways to invest in DIY Tube Video Community and DIY Tube Coin right now. After two years we have completed development of our website, blockchain and DIY Tube Coins. We are now ready for marketing.


Anyone can start earning a passive income with DIY Tube Coins now by running a Masternode. You do not even need to know anything about a Masternode to make money because we take care of everything for you. Learn more here:


For Investors

There are three ways to invest right now.


1. There is the passive income by running a Masternode (link above). For 40,000 DIYT Coins ($4,000) you can run a Masternode. For a small fee, we will run it for you if you buy the coins (no skills necessary). DIYT Coins are valued at $0.10 each but there are some on the market at a lower price right now.

The current Masternode rewards are about 1,800 DIYT per day. In only 22 days, you double your investment and can cash out or run another Masternode. That is a huge ROI. As more Masternodes are running this number will decrease so the first members are the top earners.

Also as more people purchase DIY Tube Coins, their value will increase as they become more scarce.


2. Buy a 1% share in DIY Tube Video Community. This costs $4,000 per share. We have a few shares left to sell. See Profits below.


3. Buy  in to our company and finance our marketing. We will give more information and prices in private if someone is truly interested but it is not professional to discuss such things in public.

We have completed development of DIY Tube, the coin and blockchain. Now all we need are marketing funds.  Once we reach 1 million monthly views we can run video advertising in DIY Tube and make money.


NOTE: Once our marketing campaign kicks in, the sky is the limit for DIY Tube. Now is the time to get involved.


There are four ways for DIY Tube Video Community itself to make money.

1. Sale of video advertising like YouTube. YT gets about 1 billion video views per day. Ads bring in about $7 to $21 per 1,000 views. You can calculate that YT gets at least $45 milliion per day, only counting one ad per video (and they have more than that). At one million views a month, we should be getting at least $14k a month.

2. Sale of top video slot on DIY Tube homepage. This space is for sale and will hold up to 10 videos (more as we grow) which rotate out at random. Advertisers can pay for this slot and get serious exposure. Currently we are filling the slot with a rotating list of random videos, which change out each week to keep it interesting. The cost of this slot will vary based on our monthly views and the value of DIY Tube Coin.

3. Self promotion of a video or channel inside DIY Tube Video Community. Anyone can promote their own video or channel onto the homepage. It is simple. This value also changes with the market value of DIY Tube Coin.

4. Sale of DIY Tube Coins for use inside DIY Tube Video Community. Valued at $0.10 each inside DIY Tube, our DIYT Coins are used for many things. They can be used to pay for a video or shout out. They can be used as a tip for a good video. And they can be used to help support your favorite channel through donations such as how Patreon works with YouTube channels. We are working on more uses for DIY Tube in order to add value. We have also been in contact with an ebay type site which uses cryptocurrency as payment. This is very exciting.

5. Direct sale of DIY Tube Coins on the coin exchanges. We have 4 million coins reserved for sale on the exchange to raise. This is a potential $400k in sales to fund DIY Tube.


For more information on any of the above points, please feel free to reach out


You can also read more about our coin, website and our team here: DIY Tube Coin

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