Get FREE Cryptocurrency And Earn A Passive Income

You can earn a passive income on our site and we even give you free credit to get started when you sign up. DIY Tube Video Community and Cryptocurrency Ocean have joined up to provide you with a very unique Masternode Mining Pool. And you dont even have to know a thing about Masternodes to get started earning a passive income.


Simply sign up and get $2 free credit which gets you mining. It is truly that easy. With a few simple mouse clicks you can be mining cryptocurrency. We run the servers and software in the background for you.


There are three ways to get started mining with a Masternode.


1  Stake DIY Tube Coins you have already purchased or earned on DIY Tube. With a few mouse clicks you can be earning a passive income on your coins. We take care of everything else for you. The coins are yours and you can withdraw at any time. Minimum 1% of a Masternode to start (400 DIYT Coins).


2  Purchase DIYT Coins directly on the mining platform and we stake them for you. Simply choose a package, pay for it and you are mining. The coins are yours always and you can withdraw them at any time. Minimum 1% of a Masternode to start (400 DIYT Coins).


3  Rent a share in a Masternode and start earning DIY Tube Coins.


Why are we doing this? Its simple. We want to get the word out about DIY Tube Coins. We have a certain amount of coins set aside for promotions such as this. And we make money from the server and set up fees.


The Masternodes are running – come get your share now: Masternode Mining Pool & Rentals

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