Instructions for setting up your DIY Tube Core Wallet

First, if you have not done so already, download the DIY Tube Core wallet HERE

Simply unzip it into the folder of your choice and then double click the diytube-qt.exe file for windows. For Linux make the file executable and run it.

Once the program starts it will create a new file folder on your computer and set up the necessary files to run your wallet.

The wallet will start to sync up with the DIY Tube blockchain. Let it run until it has finished. Sometimes on Windows 10 it may freeze up and become unresponsive. Just close and restart it and the wallet should work fine. On rare occasions this can happen to or three times.

Leaving the DIY Tube Core wallet open helps to support the blockchain. If you choose to close the program, simply click the “X” in the top right corner. Please wait until the program closes fully before shutting off your computer.


How to send and receive DIYT Coins


Sending and receiving coins with your DIY Tube Core wallet is simple.


Send DIYT Coins


To send DIYT Coins to another person or wallet address, click “Send”.

On the “Pay To” line you enter the wallet “receive” address of the person you want to send DIYT Coins to.

Under the “Label” line you can enter an optional text message to remind you later what this transaction was about.

Under the “Amount” you enter how many DIYT Coins you want to send. You can use decimals out to 8 positions.

Finally hit “Send” on the bottom of the page.

That’s it.


Receive DIYT Coins


To receive DIYT Coins, click on the “Receive” button on your DIY Tube Core wallet.

On the next page you can fill out an optional label in the “Label” field. This is useful for setting up Masternodes, for example.

Under the “Amount” field, enter the number of DIYT Coins you want to send. Again you can go down to 8 decimal points.

Under the “Message” line you can enter an optional message as a reminder what this transaction was about.

Finally click “Request Payment” and a popup window will show up. Copy the address on the popup window and share this with the person who would like to send you DIYT Coins.

Once a person sends you some DIYT Coins, a small announcement window will show up in the bottom right corner of your computer to let you know a payment is on the way.


Overview Page


On the overview page you can see a general overview of your wallet contents, pending payments, immature wallet earnings and the total amount of DIYT Coins you hold in your wallet. You can also find a list of the most recent transactions on the right side.

If you are staking coins to earn a share of the rewards, near the bottom you will see “Locked” coins.

You can hover your mouse over most of the items on this page to see a helpful popup window giving you more information. This is particularly useful when you hover over the recent transactions. Here you will get a little popup showing how many confirmations have passed since the transaction. Many transactions require a certain amount of confirmations to pass before the coins become available.

Very simply put, each block that is found is another confirmation of your transaction. There are 30 blocks found per hour.


Transactions Page


The transactions page simply shows a list of the most recent transactions in your wallet. To the left is a sort of clock icon which shows you how many confirmations have passed and when your coins are available for use. You can double click on any of the transactions under the “Address” bar and see a popup window with more details of the transaction. If you hover your mouse over any transaction it tells you how many confirmations have passed so far.


Masternodes Page


Here you can see the status of any Masternodes you have running. This is very helpful if you have a Masternode.

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