How To Back Up Your DIY Tube Wallet

It is very important to make occasional backups of your DIY Tube Coin wallet.dat file. Your wallet is like a bank account which keeps all of your DIY Tube Coins. If you lose your wallet and have no backup, your coins will be lost forever.


Backing up your wallet is very simple. Three ways to back up your wallet are covered here. One is very simple and the second is a bit more complicated but better. The third option is only important if you have staked DIY Tube Coins and are running a Masternode.


Either one of these methods will ensure you can restore your wallet if something happens.


Option A


Open your wallet and let it finish syncing with the blockchain. Depending on how long it has been since you last ran your wallet, this could take a few minutes.


Click on “File” and then “Backup Wallet”.


Now you can choose a name for your backup and a location where you want to save it.


Option B


This is a bit more complicated but makes a copy of your entire wallet including the configuration files and the database.


On Windows go to your search bar and type in %appdata%


At the top you will find a file folder. Click on this. You should find the folder named “diytube”. Back up this entire folder to a USB stick, CD or DVD.


Now if you ever need to restore your wallet, you have literally everything right here. This option will save you time and effort when restoring your wallet in the future.


Option C


If you are running one or more Masternodes you will also want to keep a copy of your masternode.conf file


In this method you will search for the diytube file folder as in the above method.


Now you want to back up the following files:





With these two files you can restore your wallet and Masternodes with no problem.


Important Notes


Keep a copy of your wallet backup file offline on a USB stick, CD or DVD as well for safe keeping in case you lose your computer or hard drive. Its best to keep multiple copies in various, safe locations.


Again, if you lose your wallet and have no back up files, your coins are lost forever.

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