How To Restore Your DIYT Coin Wallet

There are three ways to restore your DIY Tube Coin wallet. One is very simple and is the most common version used. The second method is used if you have a complete back up of your entire wallet folder. The other method is a bit more complicated and is necessary if you have Masternodes but do not have a copy of the masternode.conf file.


Method 1


The first method requires you to simply download and open the diytube-qt wallet file and let it run. This file installs all the necessary files on your computer, sets up a brand new wallet and syncs up with the blockchain.


Once the program is running, let it fully sync up with the blockchain.


The next step for Windows users is to open the search bar and type %appdata%

At the top you will find a file folder. Click on this. You should see a folder labeled “diytube”.


For Linux users you will have to search your computer to find the diytube folder.


Open this folder. Now simply copy your wallet.dat file into this folder, replacing the original one. If you labeled your backup file with any different name, simply rename it as wallet.dat and paste it into this folder.


Now restart your wallet and the contents should be fully restored.


Method 2


If you have a backup copy of your entire diytube folder then you simply have to download and run the diytube-qt file and let it install all the necessary files. Once it starts to sync with the blockchain you can close the wallet.


For Windows users go to your search bar and type in %appdata% to find the diytube folder as in Method 1 above. Linux users must search for this folder.


Next copy your backup files into the diytube folder.


Run the diytube-qt program again and let your wallet fully sync up with the blockchain. Depending on how long it has been since you made the backup files, this could take a few minutes to complete.


Your entire wallet should now be restored.


Method 3


This method may be necessary if you are running one or more Masternodes and have to restore your wallet. If you only have your wallet.dat file you can still restore your masternode.conf file manually.


First, follow one of the above methods, depending on whether you have a full backup of your diytube folder or just the wallet.dat file.


Once your wallet is running again, you should see that you have earned some Masternode rewards. The rewards are still being earned by your Masternode as long as your Masternode server is still running.


But you will find that your Masternodes are not showing up in your wallet.


To restore your Masternodes in your wallet, open the wallet and click on “Tools” and then “Open Masternode Configuration File”.


A file should open up in your favorite text editor.


Now you will need a few things in order to restore your data. You can get the “Private Key” from the Masternode server itself in the diytube.conf file. Open the file in your favorite editor and copy the private key from the file. Paste this into your masternode.conf file.


Next you will need the Masternode Outputs. These can be found by opening up “Tools” and then “Debug Console” in your wallet. Now type in “Masternode Outputs” and you should get a string of text with some quotes.


If you have more than one Masternode, the bottom output belongs to the first Masternode you set up and the top one is the last. Copy and paste these into your masternode.conf file along with the server IP address, port and the corresponding output which is either “0” or “1”.


Once you have this finished, save your masternode.conf file and restart your wallet. It may take some time for your wallet to sync up with the Masternodes but generally everything should show up correctly. Often, when running more than one Masternode per wallet, I see both Masternodes showing up with the same IP address in the wallet list. This should work itself out in a while on its own.

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