Happy New Year From DIY Tube Video Community

Happy New Year!


It is 2022 and DIY Tube is four years old now. We have come a long way and been through some ups and downs. But DIY Tube still stands strong as ever.


Join DIY Tube and get rewarded for views on your videos, writing comments and more. Everyone gets rewarded on DIY Tube. Members earn vDIY Tube Coins, a form of virtual currency inside DIY Tube Video Community. You can use those rewards to promote your channel or video onto the top of the homepage and increase your exposure and earn even more. You can trade vDIYT Coins to other members as payment for a shout our or for video help. Artists, musicians and businesses can use their earnings to grow their channel and earn more vDIYT Coins in the process.


In the future virtual DIY Tube Coins will be able to be traded out onto a blockchain for real cryptocurrency DIY Tube Coins (DIYT). With DIY Tube Coins you will be able to buy/sell/trade on cryptocurrency exchanges and even sell them for fiat currency to pay your bills.


DIY Tube offers optional anonymous memberships. Instant membership approval. Freedom of speech. Freedom from harassment and discrimination. Free unlimited video cloud storage. A safe place to back up your channel from other sites. An alternative place to earn from your content.


Join DIY Tube today!


DIY Tube Video Community

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