Cloud Storage For Videos And DIY Tube Coin Minted

DIY Tube Coins

DIY Tube Video sharing site is now in the cloud and we have minted a quarter of a million DIY Tube Coins for use on our site.


DIY Tube Video sharing community has gone through six server upgrades since its inception in November of 2017. The video storage was quickly exceeding each server’s capacity. Eventually we had to look into cloud storage for a long term solution and to allow unlimited videos to be uploaded to our site.


Cloud Storage For DIY Tube Videos


And now that idea has become a reality. After extensive testing, your videos are now stored in the cloud. This not only means unlimited storage capacity but it also means redundancy. Your videos are backed up on multiple hard drive in the cloud.


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The next step was to mint DIY Tube Coins for use on DIY Tube video sharing site. These coins are going to be used as payment for interaction with our site. Channel owners will be paid in DIY Tube Coins for minutes watched and interaction with their videos. Commenters will be paid based on the popularity of their comments.


DIY Tube Coins


DIY Tube Coins are based on the Ethereum network and are written in an ERC20 contract which makes them 100% Ethereum wallet compatible. The Ethereum wallets are very secure and quite common. Riding on the Ethereum network means longevity, stability and security. This also means that you can buy, sell and trade DIY Tube Coins for Ethereum.


The number of a quarter of a million coins was chosen to limit the amount of coins in circulation, which will increase their value. Coins with lower quantities tend to gain in value more than those which are minted in massive numbers. We want our video producers to be able to earn something with real value for their work.


DIY Tube Coins are going to be listed on coin exchange sites very soon which will make it easy for your to trade or sell your coins. Also listing the coins on an open exchange will allow them to grow in value with time as more are traded.


You can save your DIY Tube Coins for their potential investment value, sell them for Ethereum or fiat currency or use them on DIY Tube Videos site to promote your video, channel or comments.


Channel owners will be able to make their channel or video stand up above the rest. Advertisers can use DIY Tube Coins to purchase advertising space on our site. You will be able to purchase DIY Tube Coins which means that anyone can promote their work, even if you have not yet begun to earn your own coins.


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