1,000 Free Cryptocurrency Give Away

DIY Tube Coins

We are giving away millions of DIY Tube Coins to help jump start the DIY Tube Video sharing community.


The first 1,000 channels who join up on DIY Tube Video sharing site and upload ten videos get 1,000 DIY Tube Coins.


The first 1,000 channels who gain 100 subscribers will get another 1,000 DIY Tube Coins. So spread the word.


You have a chance to get 2,000 DIY Tube Coins so dont wait. Come over and start sharing your videos.


DIY Tube Coins


Come over and set up a channel. The videos you upload must be your own original content. You can copy your own videos from other sites where you have them saved but they must be your own. Copying random videos or plagiarizing other’s content will only get your channel removed.


On the DIY Tube community everyone has a chance to earn coins just by doing what you already love – interacting with one another and with videos.


Join http://www.diytube.video  now!


Visit http://www.diytubecoin.com


Stay tuned for details on how to enter your channel for free DIY Tube Coins. Dont wait though, go ahead and get your videos upload and start spreading the word.

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