How to log into DIY Tube and set up your channel

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When you first come to DIY Tube homepage you will find a menu on the top left corner of the website. When you click on this icon, the drop down menu will appear. This is your main menu which is used throughout the site.


On top you can click “Login” and you will come to the log in page. Here you can either create a new account or log into your existing account.


Once you are logged into your account, go back to the main menu. The following are the main menu buttons and the functions under them.


My Account


On the My Account page you can change your user name and password. Here you can set up your channel logo and banner images. You can also set up the about page. This should be a few paragraphs which describe your channel.


Dont forget to click “Save” after you finish any changes.


My Channel


This is your public channel. Here you can see you channel as the outside World can see it. You can also edit your playlists here when logged into your account (more on playlists in a separate article).


On your My Channel page you can see the number of subscribers that you have. You can also get an overview of all your videos on this page.


From this page you can also click on a playlist and view all the videos under that playlist.


My Videos


On the My Videos page you have a lot of control over the videos which you have uploaded (more on uploading videos in a separate article).


On this page you can edit a video, delete a video, make a video active or inactive and much more. When editing a video a popup window will open. On this page you can edit the video thumbnail, video description and title, category and more.




The dashboard is a visual display of the statistics for your channel. Here you can find the number of videos which you have uploaded, the number of subscribers you have and more.


On the Dashboard you can see a visual chart of all your video views as well. This can give you an idea of which videos are performing the best.


Under “Comments” you can click on “view details” where you can moderate comments. You can find more details on moderating comments further down this page.


At this time most of the topics on the dashboard are for the entire site. We are working on this and hope to make it show your own individual statistics so stay tuned for updates in the near future.




Here you can see the list of viewers who have subscribed to your channel. You can also send bulk messages to everyone on your list. Later we plan to change this so that you can send individual messages. Please do not abuse this privilege and use it sparingly in order to avoid upsetting or losing some of your subscribers.




Here you can moderate comments. You can see all of your comments in one convenient location. You can also view comments under each individual video if you prefer.


You can answer comments here or delete comments which are undesirable or spammy.


There is one more feature here which is quite powerful. You can edit comments. This allows you to remove spam links, for example, from an otherwise good and valid comment. You also have the power over trolls, swearing and harassment. You can delete bad words from otherwise good comments. You can even turn a nasty troll comment into a compliment. This will eventually run the trolls out of the community when they discover that they have no power here to cause anyone any harm. Please be careful not to over use the comment editing option though in order to not run off your subscribers.


Browse Channels


A bit further down the menu list under “Channels” is the link “Browse Channels”. This will bring you to a list of all the channels on the DIY Tube community. Here you can search for channels which interest you and subscribe to them.




Here you can search for videos which interest you based on category. Browse the videos in the categories you choose.


Miscellaneous Links


There are some more links on the menu which may be of interest to you such as the contact page and the about page.


Also be sure to check the footer of DIY Tube site for links to the community pages, DIY Tube Coin pages and more.

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