Integration Of DIY Tube Coins & Video Site Coming Along

DIYI Tube Coins

We are hard at work integrating DIYT and the video community site so that we can start paying members in DIY Tube Coins for their video views, comments, thumbs up and other activities on the website.


If you log into your channel and look at the dashboard, you will see some new menu links at the top.


Now you will find “video views per channel”, “comment thumbs up” and “video thumbs up”. Here you can see your statistics based on any given time period and follow your progress in the community.


Remember, DIY Tube pays you for all activities on the community pages.


100 comments = 1 DIYT

100 thumbs up = 1 DIYT

1,000 video views = 10 DIYT


We are working on integrating the coin as a payment reward for our members at this time. When the integration is fully complete, you will also see the number of DIY Tube Coins you have earned in these menu links.


Stay tuned for more updates on DIY Tube Video Community.


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