First DIY Tube Coins Payment Made To All Members

New DIYT Coins Wallet

Today everyone who has any activity on their channel received a payment in DIY Tube Coins. Our payment processor integration has been finalized and from now on everyone will receive regular payments into their online DIY Tube Video Community wallet.


This is a huge milestone for the DIY Tube Video Community!!! The first ever DIY Tube Coins payment was made this afternoon, Saturday March 14, 2018. This is a day to remember.


Now, when you log into your account, you will see something new on the top right side of the menu bar. You can see your wallet contents. It is prominently displayed at all times for those who are logged into their accounts. Here you can see your DIY Tube Coin balance. This makes it fun to earn coins because everything you do will increase your earnings.


New DIYT Coins Wallet


You will also notice that there is a drop down menu under your wallet info. Here you can add funds to your account (coming soon) or look at your payment history. There was a small error in the payout amount of the comments and thumbs up but we have fixed that and the values will be correct moving forward.


We already have the ability for you to promote your video by using your DIY Tube Coins. Soon you will also be able to promote your entire channel. Have a look at the new integrations and have fun.


Everyone who comments, gets views on their videos, or receives thumbs up will be paid in DIY Tube coins. When the payment processor is fully automated (soon) then everyone will be paid in DIYT Coins every 24 hours. Make a comment today and see the earnings in your wallet tomorrow.


Withing the next one or two weeks members will have the ability to trade their internal DIYT Coins with real Ethereum based DIYT Coins and then sell them on the open market. The DIY Tube Team is so excited about how fast things are moving.


Tell all your friends. On the DIY Tube Video Community everyone gets paid for doing what they enjoy!


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