DIY Tube Coins Fully Automatic Payments Taking Place Daily

We are very excited to announce that member will be paid every day in DIY Tube Coins for their activities on the community pages.


Every night at the same time an automatic payment will take place to every account on the site with some activity during the previous day. Now, if you make a comment today, you will be paid and find your wallet balance increased the next morning.


Members are paid in DIY Tube Coins for video views, comments, thumbs up and more on DIY Tube Video Community. We will be adding the ability for members to report any suspected abuse soon as well, which we will reward when confirmed. This will both help keep the community clean and offer even more DIY Tube Coins to members at the same time.


The next step that we are working on is to connect the internal wallet inside DIY Tube Video Community with an external wallet residing on the Ethereum blockchain. This will allow members to cash out on their earned DIYT Coins.


We hope to have the integration completed by the end of April.


Stay tuned for more updates.

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