DIY Tube Blockchain Integration Nearly Done & Updates

DIY Tube Video Community and DIYT Coins are nearly fully integrated with the Ethereum blockchain. DIYT Coins are written in an ERC20 contract on the Ethereum network.


Currently members are being paid in DIYT every 24 hours for activity on the community pages. Very soon the integration with the Ethereum blockchain will be finished and members will be able to buy and sell DIYT on the Ethereum network and coin exchanges.


DIY Tube Video Community presently uses a virtual internal wallet for DIYT payments to members. Every 24 hours members are paid into this virtual wallet. By using an internal virtual wallet, micro payments can be made without incurring transaction fees. When members earn enough coins and want to sell them on the exchange, they will be able to trade them out of DIY Tube Video Community. Or members can bring coins into the site in order to buy perks, tip someone and more.


We have added a new feature which allows members to trade DIYT Coins with one another inside the virtual wallet. This enables members to tip one another for a good video or pay for a shout out. This can also open the door for an entire economy inside the community.


Today Saturday April 28, 2018 we are moving our cloud storage to a new, more reliable service. This will reduce load times and occasional buffering pauses. It will also prevent the occasional video load error that sometimes came up.


Join DIY Tube Video Community where everyone gets paid for doing what they enjoy.

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