DIY Tube Video Community ICO Cancelled

The DIY Tube Video Community has cancelled our planned fund raiser coin sale which was scheduled to run from May 1 to June 15, 2018.


As many of you already know Troy, the founder of DIY Tube started out on YouTube and has a channel with over 100,000 subscribers. With a channel that large you will have trolls. These trolls are furious because DIY Tube is a troll free zone. They cannot allow this to happen.


They harassed and threatened our social media team into quitting. So we lost our marketing help. Now the trolls turned in DIY Tube on false charges to 5 different federal agencies in hopes of getting the site shut down. These accusations are false and may actually end up getting the trolls in prison because it is a federal offense to use the gov to harass people.


But the trolls are using their false accusations and stating them as facts in hopes of turning people away. Due to all of these points, DIY Tube will not have an ICO. There is no way to have a successful ICO with no marketing team and so much false propaganda.


Therefore we are simply going to point to Forkdelta where people can buy coins directly:

DIYT Coins On Forkdelta


This is an official coin exchange where people can buy DIYT Coins using Ethereum directly without any third party. This also frees up the DIY Tube team to continue marketing and improving our site.


It takes a lot of finances and resources to have an ICO so this also frees up some of our time.


We still have a lot of ongoing expenses and any sales would be greatly appreciated through forkdelta.


You can also donate Ethereum here:



The DIY Tube Video community will continue on growing as usual. Its just going to be a lot slower than we had planned.


Thank you


DIY Tube – the video sharing community that pays everyone for doing what you enjoy.


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