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DIY Tube is a video sharing community offering an alternative to other video sites which allows you to express yourself freely. We invite content creators with videos from all categories.


What makes us stand out from the rest is that we are a growing group of common sense people who want to have our voice heard. We believe in true freedom of speech as long as it does not impinge on the freedom of another member of the community.


DIY Tube was born out of a need for people to be able to voice their opinions or share their stories without worry of discrimination or being filtered out.


Why choose DIY Tube over the rest?


We offer the following to everyone:


  1. Free to join
  2. Free cloud storage for your videos
  3. Freedom of speech
  4. Freedom from harassment
  5. Perks and rewards for all activity

Members are free to join up and share their videos immediately. There is no waiting time and no approval required to become a member of DIY Tube. Its that easy.


Your videos are stored for free – always. Members will never have to pay for storage of their videos.


Members are allowed to voice their opinions and express themselves as long as they do not impinge on another member’s rights. This summarizes our entire terms and conditions. Members are empowered to help keep the community clean and family friendly.


Everyone gets rewarded for their activities. DIY Tube rewards members for video views, comments and thumbs up on both. Start earning rewards right away. Rewards are given out every 24 hours so if you make a comment today, you get rewarded tomorrow. Rewards can be used to obtain perks and upgrades such as getting your video or channel on the homepage of DIY Tube.


Use your rewards inside the video community to promote your videos or give them as a tip or bonus to someone you like.


We hope to one day be able to share revenue with members in the future. So join up now and lets build this community together.


No matter what brings you to the DIY Tube Video Community – we welcome you.


Get rewarded for doing what you enjoy:

4 Comments on “An Alternate Video Sharing Site Where You Can Express Yourself”

  1. I have a few short videos I made and like to upload. In starting a Garden of Hope project and every time I try to make a video or upload it seems something happens. I think someone may be jealous my project might work to make a 40 acre farm into a permaculture community for tech’s and nomads who wish to do what they love but also enjoy their family and like minded friends.
    There is a huge farm house, barn is good sized and protected as well as a business building that make a great community center and skills share cafe, along with a place to sell items that are hand crafted. Looking for how to get around for now…. ty….

  2. I seem to get blocked when I try to access your site. This is strange. Will not allow me to verify. Cherrie Mckinstry.

    1. Hi Cherrie, I am very sorry to hear about this. Please let me know your username that you signed up with and I will manually approve you. It was probably an issue with email verification. I will try to fix this asap.

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