DIY TUBE Video Community offers revenue sharing for all. Get paid to share videos, comment and interact with one another.

It all began with an idea to preserve videos in case YouTube broke down or started to close channels. DIY Tube Video site was meant to be a backup of years of work. The founder had about 2,000 videos on other platforms. But why not open it up to other channels as well?

So DIY Tube Video Community was born.

The idea was to set up a platform with revenue sharing based on 50% of ad revenue shared with content creators. But there was one big problem – you have to have a lot of traffic and many months behind you to be accepted by advertising companies.

DIY Tube Coins were minted to fill that gap. Members of the DIY Tube Video community get paid in DIY Tube Coins for minutes viewed on their videos, comments and thumbs up. These coins are based on the Ethereum Blockchain so they are 100% compatible with existing Ethereum wallets.

This means that anyone can easily store their DIY Tube Coin earnings in an Ethereum wallet. This also means that members can sell their DIYT coins for Ethereum with ease.

Since the beginning, the DIY Tube Video team itself has grown to include financial backing, a developer, beta tester, videographers and more.


Payment Schedule

100 comments = 1 DIYT

100 thumbs up = 1 DIYT

1,000 video views = 10 DIYT


DIY Tube Coins can be broken up into 18 decimal points. This allows fractional payments based on your community interaction. It also allows flexibility as DIY Tube Coins go up in value.

Thumbs up minus thumbs down are used to calculate your payment along with total comments and video views divided by percentage of minutes watched per video.

Computer algorithms keep track of your earnings and also prevent spam and fraud.

Here are some earnings examples:

1,000 video views at 70% of minutes watched = 7 DIYT

80 comments = 0.8 DIYT

100 thumbs up – 25 thumbs down = 0.75 DIYT

Total earnings = 8.55 DIYT Coins


Extra Rewards

Community members can also earn rewards for turning in suspected abuse, spam, plagiarism and copy/paste of comments and video content. This will help keep the community clean and further increase community member earnings.


Use Of DIY Tube Coins

DIY Tube Coins can be saved for their future investment value, traded for Ethereum, sold on coin exchanges or invested back into the community for perks.

Upon initial release of DIY Tube Coins and integration into the video community site, DIYT is valued at $0.10 per coin. Future ad revenue from DIY Tube Video community will be invested back into the community to further increase earnings of our members.

There was a total of only 249 million DIY Tube Coins minted. This allows enough coins to be used on the community pages but also increases their value due to their limited number. As more DIYT are purchased and saved for their investment value, the number of coins in circulation will be reduced, further increasing their value. This will also increase community member earnings.

In order to keep enough coins in circulation for the DIY Tube Video community, payments for video interaction will be capped at $10 worth of DIYT per 1,000 video views. That is two times the amount ever paid out by any other site in this field. At that point, as the coins continue to rise in value, payments will continue in fractions of a coin up to the $10 value cap. This must be set in place in order to retain enough coins for circulation or the DIY Tube Video Community would come to a halt.

Individual’s coin values will continue to rise as well, allowing them to also cash in on the capital gains.

DIYT Coins can also be used to promote a channel or a single video. This allows members to gain more exposure on their channel as well as keep more coins in circulation in the community. Promotions can be run for an hour, a day, a week or a month. Promotions are listed based on the amount of DIYT Coins spent and the length of time selected.

Pages for promoted videos and promoted channels are linked to the homepage to allow members to browse through them.

Advertisers can purchase DIY Tube Coins and use them as payment for ads run on the DIY Tube Video homepage. Advertisers can also self promote by setting up a video channel, uploading videos and promoting their own videos on the homepage. Opening up DIY Tube Coins to advertisers further increases their value and price on the open market. These gains will be seen by the community members who hold DIY Tube Coins.


Welcome to DIY Tube Video Community

Get paid for doing what you enjoy!

12 Comments on “About”

    1. Yes, the video is yours and remains yours forever. We are working on improving our terms and conditions. We reserve the right to display clips of your video without permission in advertising but that only happens if your video is on top of the homepage for example while we take a screen print or a demo clip. Hope that makes sense.

      We are also considering an add on which will help prevent copying a person’s videos from DIY Tube Video site. And we are taking a very strong stance against someone using parts of another person’s work without permission.

      The community will have methods to turn in violations and will even be rewarded for doing so.

      Please feel free to ask if you have any further questions.

      Thank you,

      DIY Tube Team

    1. Yes, live streaming is a feature of DIY Tube. At this time it is already enabled but each member must be approved for live streaming. We are using cloud storage at this time and are working out some minor issues behind the scenes. We will run some tests and, if successful, we will enable live streaming for everyone.

      When live streaming has been fully tested (a day or so) we will activate it for everyone. You will see it on the top menu bar when logged into your account.

      1. Do you offer the creator the ability to do Multiple, Several, More than one Live Streams on their channel?
        This is the important part: Multiple Live Streams.

        Again, Thank you for your time and assistance


        J. Wydell

        1. You can have one live stream at a time on your channel. You can do it as often as you like. There can be multiple channels live streaming at any given time. Hope that answers your questions.

          By the way, the live streaming is under final testing and our dev says it should be enabled for everyone sometime this weekend.

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