DIY Tube Cutting Crypto Moving To Revenue Sharing Instead

DIY Tube Video Community

Due to the current status of the cryptocurrency market at this time, we do not feel that we would continue to grow as well being tied to cryptocurrency.


DIY Tube Video Community was originally meant to be a revenue sharing site allowing for freedom of speech for its channel owners along with freedom from harassment.


Later the idea of adding cryptocurrency came along and it sounded pretty good. The crypto market was booming and it looked like the sky was the limit.


Then came the crash. At this point, if DIY Tube continued with crypto, it would be tied to a very fluctuating and unstable market. We like stability so we decided to cut ties with cryptocurrency.


The internal rewards system will remain in place in the DIY Tube Video Community. Members earn rewards inside the site for all activities on DIY Tube. These rewards can be exchanged for perks inside the community. With time more perks may be added to the site.


We hope to one day be able to share revenue with you – the content creator. Help us build this community and together we can grow.


We offer the following:


Free membership

Free video uploads

Freedom of speech

Freedom from harassment

Unlimited video uploads

Unlimited video minutes

Anonymous accounts (only email needed)

Equal opportunity for all – your video has every chance to be found as any other


So join DIY Tube today and lets grow together:

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